6/09/17  Stage Left Cafe  125W. Van Buren, Woodstock, IL 8:30  

4/08/17  Vaughan's Pub &Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00 
Vaughan's is a VERY cool little bar at the corner of Austin and NW Highway on the NW side
of Chicago. Great food, PLENTY of Jamison's (or anything else you could ask from a liquor shelf),

AND they pour a PERFECT pint.  Read the above a few times and you'll realize that you are reading the PERFECT recipe for a rather kick-ass party. We always start 8 ish. See you soon...

8/19/17  Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00

10/07/17 Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00
11/11/17   Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00

           Appearance Information

8/06/17  Taste of Roselle  Prospect and the RR Tracks, Roselle, IL 3:00 ish...

6/10/17  Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00

7/15/17  Private Party Wauconda, IL

  • High On A Hill3:08
  • Just My Imagination4:49

6/17/17  Private Party McHenry, IL

9/30/17  Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00

​5/6/17  Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL  8:00 

11/18/17  Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00
Along with the usual hijinks and merriment, there's gonna be a fundraiser for the
Taft High School Wrestling program. You'll be able to buy a wristband that will get you access to domestic beers and food. So all you Taft alumni c'mon over, and if you know Betty Godwin, Mike Crook or Mark Miller, let 'em know about the party.   


12/02/17   Roselare  245 East Main Street Roselle, IL  Time TBA
It all started at a cool little place in Roselle called Vine Tastings. The Vine, owned, operated and staffed by some VERY cool people, quickly became known as a place for wine, music and a camaraderie that such a place creates. The Vine, also the birthplace of On The Air, gave Jim and I a chance to play together in a mellow acoustic setting and spoiled us rotten. Alas, The Vine has gone to that place where great memories are kept, leaving quite a void for a quality gathering place in Roselle until now. Enter Roselare, the Pollyanna Brewing Company's latest adventure, at 245 Main Street in Roselle. Bringing the best in beer, food, and music back to Roselle. Bringing On The Air back to Roselle. Back to where it all began...

12/07/17   A private affair (as they should be), La Grange, IL
If you would like us to play for YOUR private affair, just give a call to
847-826-2834 and book us. Operators are standing by

  Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL  8:00
Still in the design stage, our On The Air apartment above Vaughan's is a tad closer to reality. Still workin' on, y'know, drapery colors, where we're gonna put the hot tub and stuff like that. We'll keep you posted!

12/12/17  Bonnie Brook Golf Course  2800 N. Lewis Ave. Beach Park, IL 5:30
It's TACO TUESDAY at Bonnie Brook!!!!! Take an early week break and come on out to the lovely 
Bonnie Brook Golf course for, what else....TACOS!!!!  We hit at 5:30, just in time for dinner. The food is great and the music will be too. We're thinkin' the day should be renamed to "Triple T". That would be Taco AND Tequila Tuesday. See you then...

2/10/18  Copper Fiddle Distillery  532 W. IL Rt 22, Lake Zurich, IL 7:30ish
We'll be playin' for the Home Town Crowd at The Copper Fiddle. It's a whiskey, rum and gin distillery, 
right in the middle of sleepy little Lake Zurich. Actually, Lake Zurich has begun to wake up a bit with the addition of some very good new restaurants and craft beer emporiums. Credit goes to The Fiddle for starting things off about 3 years ago. BYOF and enjoy some REALLY good libation.
Cocktails only, no beer or wine, no BYOB. They are licensed to sell what they make.
Oh yeah, live music on Friday and Saturday nights!!!! We'll see you at the Fiddle...