• High On A Hill3:08
  • Just My Imagination4:49

6/17/17  Private Party McHenry, IL
​Wanna book us for YOUR party? Call 847-826-2834, operators are standing by.

           Appearance Information

9/30/17  Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00
You know the drill by now...Great food, great music and of course the perfect pint. We always have a great
time at Vaughan's, so will you.

8/06/17  Taste of Roselle  Prospect and the RR Tracks, Roselle, IL 3:00 ish...
On The Air returns to the town where it all began for us a number of years ago. This time out, we're gonna be a 4 piece band, with special guests, multi instrumentalist, Will Wisniewski and ace drummer, Derek Crawford. Jim and Will are long time Rosellians, so it'll be very cool to be playin'' for all their homies. C'mon out and give a listen to On The Air, the band. It's gonna be a gas...

6/10/17  Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00
Once again we return to that Emerald of The Northwest Side, our in-town home away from home,
where they pour a PERFECT pint and assemble the most beautiful Bloody Mary anywhere, not to mention the great menu, Vaughan's Pub & Grill. We're back for another night of music and rumor has it that we may be welcoming good friend and ace drummer, Derek Crawford. Hell, he's gonna be sittin' at the bar, he may as well be sittin' at his way cool portable drum kit!

​5/6/17  Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL  8:00 

4/08/17  Vaughan's Pub &Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00 
Vaughan's is a VERY cool little bar at the corner of Austin and NW Highway on the NW side
of Chicago. Great food, PLENTY of Jamison's (or anything else you could ask from a liquor shelf),

they pour a PERFECT pint...AND....they're gonna have On The Air on April 8th. Read the above a few times and you'll realize that you are reading the PERFECT recipe for a rather kick-ass party.
We start 8 ish. See you then...

8/19/17  Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00
It's back to our little home away from home for a night of great music, great food and the most perfect pint ever poured. There's an extremely good chance we'll have some guests sittin' in as well.
C'mon out to the Emerald of the Northwest side, Vaughan's, and see what you been missin'.

7/15/17  Private Party Wauconda, IL
Another group of party animals who obviously know what to do. We'll be poolside
for this one. Gonna have a party? You know the drill...847-826-2834.

6/09/17  Stage Left Cafe  125W. Van Buren, Woodstock, IL 8:30
Flattered to be asked to appear as the featured artists at the big Friday night party at the
Stage Left Cafe. Music starts at 7:00, we go on at 8:30 till 9:00, with more music till around