• High On A Hill3:08
  • Just My Imagination4:49

           Appearance Information

​5/6/17  Vaughan's Pub & Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL  8:00 

4/08/17  Vaughan's Pub &Grill  5485 N. Northwest Highway, Chicago, IL 8:00 
Vaughan's is a VERY cool little bar at the corner of Austin and NW Highway on the NW side
of Chicago. Great food, PLENTY of Jamison's (or anything else you could ask from a liquor shelf),

they pour a PERFECT pint...AND....they're gonna have On The Air on April 8th. Read the above a few times and you'll realize that you are reading the PERFECT recipe for a rather kick-ass party.
We start 8 ish. See you then...